Official Lyrics:

The air is so cold tonight
Here, let me put my arm around you
I’ve never seen you looking quite so winsome

It feels like I’m sixteen again
Secret touches when nobody sees
And I don’t even like champagne but I’ll drink some

Your skin is so cold to touch
Well, you know, you’d be a whole lot warmer in my bed
Oh, have I just said too much?
Well, don’t listen!

Explanations are not required
Just two bottles of St. Emilion
And your eyes do look very tired but they still glisten

You’re laughing at things I say
Then, suddenly, you’re staring into space
I’d really like you to stay
Now I’m feeling bolder

But you’re telling me little tales
And I think there are lots of things that I should know
Just keep running your fingernails across my shoulder

The phone’s ringing at 3 A.M.
Well, if you know who it is, why don’t you go?
It’s because you don’t want to speak to them while I am near you

And I know where you want to be
You’re in my hands but I just bet you’ll slip away
You’ll trickle like mercury and I won’t hear you

Do, do, do, do, tonight I’ll do just what you say
Do, do, do, do, tomorrow is another day
Oh, you don’t have to tell me anything
Oh, I won’t make you tell me anything


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