American Tan


Why do we have this awkward scene
Everytime I phone
And you’re not alone?

Why does it always have to be
A tense atmosphere
Until you get here?

You tear off my shirt
Then slip off your skirt
If you want to play I can
Just leave on your American tan

Why in your friend’s company
Do you act so cold?
When am I going to be told?
Why are you so ashamed of me?
Because when they’re not there
You seem to care

You suddenly become
A lot less quarrelsome
Without your hangers on
Embarrassment has gone
I really want your love
But I’m being taken advantage of
Because the woman I adore
Only appears behind this door

Why can’t you just be fair?
Can’t you be this lovely
When your friends are there?
Why are you prepared to screw
And not say that you love me?
Well, then I knew


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