It was here in this aisle that I first heard her talking
And for a second or two I could have sworn it was you
Her hair, her smile, the way she was walking
Was exactly the same, I nearly called out your name
And though I knew it couldn’t have possibly been you
Oh, I still stared for as long as I dared

Now I’m here everyday cause you look like some housewife
If it sounds stupid, yes, I admit I’m a mess
But you were near me for eighteen years of my life
I’m not getting upset, it’s just a lot to forget

Sure I need to learn to live without you
I always thought I’d have you here by my side
I’ve begun but believe me, it’s easier said than done
Well you leave me and I think the world is mine
And there’s nothing I can’t do
But I really know that I’m still doing it all for you


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