Twenty Jackies


You asked me why I hate you talking about your old boyfriends
Well that depends
Well just how long have you got
I wouldn’t know just where to begin  so maybe I’ll join in

Talking truly about Julie
Or Claire with the perfect hair

I know that you’ve had considerably more than your fair share
But I don’t care
Just as long as they stay there hidden inside your head
And not out there

Do you want to hear about Shirley who was so girly?
Or Sue who drove a Suburu?
Well what about Jenny, there have been so many
Jane, who’d drive you insane

Oh wait there’s Laura who had this aura
Kay, who was quite risqué
Carrie who I thought I’d marry
I could describe Gail to the last detail

Okay sure I’m joking but see how you’re provoking
I’m not prepared to be compared
To lovers who came before me
And frankly it’s beginning to bore me
I can’t compete



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