Going, Going… track fourteen – all the tracks are named after places in the USA. 264 miles Westwards into Kansas. ‘Emporia’ has changed a lot since it was first played live. Still has layers of emotion as the narrator hears from the past. The song weeps with sadness and when the pain gets too much, it cracks open with scathing guitars three minutes in.


Hand in hand
I hadn’t planned

I got a message from someone about a recent liaison
When I tell you what he said you’ll understand
He says he didn’t mean to stalk but that he happened to see you walk
Out of your favourite restaurant hand in hand
With someone he didn’t recognise, which, in itself, came as no surprise
It’s not as if you’re being underhand; in fact you’re just moving on
That’s totally reasonable, now I’ve gone
but it’s the kind of thing for which I hadn’t planned

Hand in hand
I hadn’t planned
Hand in hand
I hadn’t planned
Hand in hand
I hadn’t planned

Written by: Gedge/Beer-Pearce/Layton

Live: first played At The Edge of the Sea, Concorde2, Brighton, UK on 29/08/2015 (in a very different form*)

*Previous chorus:
To be frank, it had to happen sooner or later
And yeah, I’m the one who quit
The jealousy, the disappointment, I’d don’t know which one’s the greater
All I know is I asked for it

Place: Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas
GPS: 38°24’N 96°11’W

Video (old version)


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