Going, Going… track sixteen – all the tracks are named after places in the USA. 379 miles north into Dakota. ‘Lead’ (rhymes with ‘weed’) finally has the narrator reuniting with his former lover. Seems like they seeked him out but he was waiting. To fit in with ‘Lead’s theme we have instrumentation from previous eras crashing in at random intervals, reminders of the past


So, yeah, the problems that we had were all entirely down to me
Of course I know that now but I was just pondering how I should try to call and ask if you thought we could ever be like we were before
Then just look who walks through the door!

Like a super-hero you arrived here just in time to rescue planet Earth, including me, for what its worth!
You went and tracked me down to put an end to this pantomime without any regrets and that’s about as good as it gets

And in all that time apart I never learnt to live without you
I need you, it’s transpired; you’re an addiction that I’ve acquired
I can’t apologise enough for all the stuff I used to do
You know I thought it might be too late but, hey, this is just like a first date

Written by: Gedge/Alexander/Beer-Pearce/Layton

Live: first played live at the Assembly, Leamington, UK on 02/10/2015

Place: Lead, Lawrence County, South Dakota
GPS: 44°21’N 103°46’W


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