Santa Monica

Going, Going… track twenty – all the tracks are named after places in the USA. 466 miles to the South East and we arrive at the other side of America, the Pacific coast of the USA. ‘Santa Monica’ well, it’s a song about reuniting with your true love, the one you should never have left or they left you. The song references ‘A Million Miles’ in its lyrics and ends with the words “Wipe away that tear/the story ends right here”. All along to some beautiful guitar work that I could listen to forever. A yearning and yet joyous piece. Let it not be the end.


You know, there’s something quite inspiring
When all said and done about just sitting here admiring a setting sun

When you returned my smile it all became worthwhile

I can’t begin to describe the happiness that I have found
And I can’t describe the lonliness when you’re around
You make me feel brand new; this is just what you do

And I know you’re wondering whether this time I’ll stay
Well, beleive me, we’re together and I can safely say:
“Wipe away that tear. The story ends right here.”

Written by: Gedge/Alexander/Beer-Pearce/Layton

Live: first played at the Borderline, London, UK on 01/11/2015

Place: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California
GPS: 34°1’N 118°29’W


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