Going, Going… track eighteen – all the tracks are named after places in the USA. 496 miles South West into Utah. Across the Rockies to ‘Wales’ where we have pure love professed in Cymraeg before roaring into guttering glory.


Dymunaf Dymunaf
‘Dwi eisiau ‘Dwi eisiau
Mi garwn Mi garwn
‘Dwi angen ‘Dwi angen
Rmy’yma Rmy’yma
Ti yma Ti yma
Rydym ni Rydym ni
Byddan ni Byddan ni
Tynghedwyd Tynghedwyd
Cyd-ddigwyddiad Cyd-ddigwyddiad
Mi fydd Mi fydd
Mi oedd Mi oedd
Y mae

English translation:

I wish
I want
I would love
I need
I’m here
You are here
We will
I will
I was

Written by: Gedge/Alexander/Beer-Pearce/Layton/Teilo

Live: first played live at The Trashed, Cardiff, UK on 07/09/2016

Narration: Andrew Teilo
Mellotron & Organ: Steve Fisk

Place: Wales, Sanpete County, Utah
GPS: 34°1’N 118°29’W

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