A Million Miles [George Best, 1987]

At The Edge of the Sea [Tommy 1986]

Brassneck [Bizarro, 1989]

Carolyn [Seamonsters, 1991]

Convertible [Mini, 1996]

Deer Caught in the Headlights [Valentina, 2012]

Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk  [El Rey, 2008]

Don’t Talk, Just Kiss [Brassneck, 1990]

Get Smart [Torino, 2002]

King’s Cross [single, 1999]

Never Said [Tommy, 1986]

Octopussy [Seamonsters, 1991]

Perfect Blue [Take Fountain, 2005]

Skin Diving [Saturnalia, 1996]

Spangle [Watusi, 1994]

Take Me! [Bizarro, 1989]

The Queen Of Outer Space [The Hit Parade, 1992]

Wow [Disco Volante, 2000]

You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends [single, 1986]

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