The membership of David Gedge’s bands has fluctuated on a fairly regular basis ever since Peter ‘Grapper’ Solowka’s departure back in 1991. Since then, for one reason and another, there’s been a line-up change on virtually every album release since. So this is not a comprehensive list of all musicians associated with the band but hopefully it captures the majority of the important ones. It’s up-to-date as of early 2021.

Permanent band members (in studio and live) chronological order


David Lewis Gedge (vocalist, guitarist, various other instruments, lyricist, main songwriter)
Date of Birth: 23/04/1960 Bramley, Leeds, UK
Period in band: 1985-present 
Previous band: The Lost Pandas


Peter Solowka (guitarist)
Period in band: 1985-1991
Other bands: The Chorus, The Ukrainians

Keith Gregory (bassist)
Period in band: 1985-1993 
Other bands: The Lost Pandas, Dustdevils, Cha Cha Cohen


Shaun Charman (drummer)
Period in band: 1985-1987 
Other bands: The Popguns, Turbocat, The Fireworks, Jetstream Pony


Peter Solowka, David Gedge, Keith Gregory, Simon Smith


Keith Gregory, Paul Dorrington, Simon Smith, David Gedge

Simon Smith (drummer)
Period in band: 1988-1997 
Other bands: The Chorus, The Sinister Cleaners, Cha Cha Cohen, Beachbuggy




Paul Dorrington (guitarist)
Period in band: 1991-1995, 2014
Other bands: AC Temple, Tse Tse Fly, Cha Cha Cohen, Walker


Darren Belk [Jack Straker] (bassist, guitarist, vocalist)
Period in band: 1993-1996 
Other bands: Bungalow, Beachbuggy, Walker


Jayne Lockey (bassist, vocalist)
Period in band: 1995-1997
Other bands: Tse Tse Fly  – with Paul Dorrington and Simon Cleave


Simon Cleave (guitarist)
Period in band: 1996-2006, 2009 
Other bands: Tse Tse Fly  – with Paul Dorrington and Jayne Lockey


Sally Murrell (keyboardist, vocalist)
Period in band: 1997-2003 

Terry de Castro at The Edge of the Sea mini festival at Concorde2, Brighton - 25 Aug 2013

Terry de Castro (bassist)
Period in band: 1998-2010 and occasional appearances since
Other bands: Animals That Swim, Goya Dress 


Bryan McLellan (drummer)
Period in band: 1998-1999 
Other bands: Tom McRae, Vega4, Tape the Radio, 24Pesos

Philip Robinson (keyboardist)
Period in band: 1998-2000


Simon Pearson (drummer)
Period in band: 2000, 2005
Other bands: Goya Dress – with Terry de Castro


Kari Paavola (drummer)
Period in band: 2000-2005 


Graeme Ramsay (drummer, guitarist)
Period in band: 2006-2012, 2014
Other bands: Silvermash

Christopher McConville (guitarist)
Period in band: 2006-2009 

Terry de Castro, Chris McConville, David Gedge, Graeme Ramsay
Terry de Castro, Chris McConville, David Gedge, Graeme Ramsay


Charles Layton (drummer)
Period in band: 2009-2019


Pepe Le Moko (bassist)
Period in band: 2010-2012 
Other bands: The Evil Son  – with Samuel Beer-Pearce


Patrick Alexander (guitarist)
Period in band: 2012-2013, 2015 
Other bands: The Young Playthings


Katherine Wallinger (bassist, vocalist)
Period in band: 2012-2016 
Other bands: The Candys

Samuel Beer-Pearce (guitarist)
Period in band: 2013-2016, 2021
Other bands: The Evil Son – with Pepe Le Moko

David Gedge, Charles Layton, Katherine Wallinger, Samuel Beer-Pearce

David Gedge, Charles Layton, Katherine Wallinger, Samuel Beer-Pearce


Danielle Wadey (keyboardist, bassist, guitarist)
Period in band: 2013-2019


Marcus Kain (guitarist)
Period in band: 2016-2017
Other bands: Twenty Two Hundred


Marcus Kain, David Gedge, Charles Layton and Danielle Wadey

Melanie Howard (keyboards and bass)
Period in band: After playing occasionally live since 2015, Melanie became an official member in 2018.
Other bands: Such Small Hands

Melanie Howard, David Gedge, Danielle Wadey, Charles Layton, the Wedding Present in 2018

Jon Stewart (guitar)
Period in band: When Danielle left, she was replaced by Jon. (2019-present)
Other bands: Sleeper

Chris Hardwick (drummer)
Period in band: When Charley left, he was replaced by Chris. (2019-2021)
Other bands: My Life Story

David Gedge, Melanie Howard, Jon Stewart and Chris Hardwick, the Wedding Present in 2020.

Nicholas Wellauer (drummer)
Period in band: Replaced Chris Hardwick in August 2021
Other bands: Animal House

Line Up Oct 2021

Nicholas Wellauer, Melanie Howard, David Gedge  and Jon Stewart, the Wedding Present in 2021.

Temporary members (in studio)

Julian Sowa (drums)  Go Out and Get ‘Em Boy! (1985)
Mike Stout (guitars)
Amelia Fletcher (vocalist)
Len Liggins (vocalist)
Emma Pollock (vocalist)
Marty Wilson-Piper (guitarist)
Anthony Coote (bassist)

Temporary members (live)

Hugh Kelley Jnr (2nd drummer) 1995-1996
Debbie Vander Wall (2nd drummer) 1995-1996
Chris Cooper (2nd drummer) 1995-1996
Richard Marcangelo (drummer) 1998
Phil Prime (drummer) 2005
John Maiden (drummer) 2005
Alex White (drummer) 2010
Jennifer Schwartz (bassist) Feb/Mar 2013
Geoffrey Maddock (guitarist) 2013
Missy Tassles  (bassist) 2014
Andrew Lessman
(drummer) 2015

Thank you to Andy Gillespie, Terry de Castro and Kirk Ollason who helped me fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge when it came to temporary live members.