October 2021
In the latest issue of Uncut magazine David has revealed that in 2022, there will be a Hit Parade redux in the sense of releasing a new single every month for 12 months. The first release around 21/01/2022 will be “We Should Be Together / Don’t Give Up Without A Fight”.

With so many tracks featured in various ways over the last year or two, we can possibly predict what the 12 releases will include. Most were mentioned further down the page as well as a new song that was premiered live this month – “X Marks the Spot”:

  1. We Should Be Together / Don’t Give Up Without A Fight
  2. Monochrome
  3. La La La La La
  4. I Am Not Going to Fall in Love With You
  5. That Would Only Happen In A Movie
  6. Go, Go, Go!
  7. Once Bitten
  8. Don’t Ask Me
  9. Telemark
  10. You’re Just a Habit That I’m Trying to Break
  11. X Marks The Spot
  12.  ?? (that means unknown – not a title!)

May 2021
In an interview with in May 2021, David said about a new album: “It’s been difficult because of the lockdown; we’ve had to write a lot of the new album remotely, which is time-consuming. Now we’re seeing the results coming together and are deciding how to release it next year. We haven’t started recording yet.”

On May 29th 2021, the third live streamed gig brought us three new songs (as well as a fourth that had previously been played live before: “Don’t Give Up Without a Fight” ). There were due to be five new songs but one wasn’t finished in time. The other new songs were: “Monochrome”, “La La La La La” and “I Am Not Going to Fall in Love With You”. One of the new ones had the working title “Jon 5”.

Previously to this in March 2021, there was a second streamed gig. This one featured two songs: “That Would Only Happen In A Movie” and “Go, Go, Go!”

And in October 2020, the full band played the first online gig which featured the debut of a song with the working title of “Mel 3”. DLG confirmed in February 2021, this was now called “Once Bitten”.

In October 2020, the last release in the series featuring BBC sessions was released. This one was a 7″ single featuring new song “Don’t Ask Me” along with versions of “Panama” and “No”.

Another unreleased song which has been played live is called “Telemark”.

Back in August 2020, as part of the At The Edge of The Sofa virtual festival, we heard a new track, “You’re Just a Habit That I’m Trying to Break”. Here’s the video for that:

This was released in February 2021 as part of Locked Down and Stripped Back along with the new cover of Sleeper’s ‘We Should Be Together’.


‘Bond Girls’ (Cinerama – unreleased)

There are also several songs written as either The Lost Pandas or in the early days of The Wedding Present but never officially released. These include:

‘I Told You I Care’
‘Lay Off’**
‘Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room’*
‘Story Of My Life’
‘Twenty Two’ (riff later used on ‘I’m Not Always So Stupid)
‘Will You Be Up There?’*
‘You Can’t Make It On Your Own’

*These two songs were on a demo cassette (Recorded at The Billiard Room, Leeds in 1984) along with ‘(The Moment Before) Everything’s Spoiled Again’ and a cover of ‘White Christmas’.

** There’s a fun video using the rehearsal recording of this song here