About The Site

This website, if it wasn’t already obvious, is for the study of songs written by David Lewis Gedge and all the ephemera that come with them. Since 1985 or so, we’ve been able to enjoy his work, whether it be guised as The Lost Pandas, Cinerama or even The Wedding Present.

So, what is this study? Well, it is an attempt to catalogue and analyse the songs, each one shot through the prism of personal reflection. Best of all David Gedge himself is fully supportive of the site and he is full and frankly answering a range of questions about each song. This site will also therefore provide a definitive version of the lyrics. So head to the Songography section to see what’s been covered in-depth so far.

As you’ll see from the Songs List page, there are, as of 2021, 241 original songs by Gedge (& co). With (hopefully) more songs to come and unreleased ones on top (and maybe even a look at the cover versions at some point), this is a project that will likely never be completed but I’d like to think it’s one worth attempting.

Lastly, a request – if you have any questions about any of the songs, preferably ones that haven’t already been covered, please drop me a line and I will see if I can get David to answer them. My contact details are below or you can send me messages directly on here.


email: bomaya@icloud.com

twitter: @bomaya

For more info about the band please visit the official site.


7 thoughts on “About The Site

  1. Greetings. Just tripped up over a loose internet connection, and ended up stumbling onto your site. Neat idea, and looking good so far. Any chance you might be tackling “Crawl” or “Octopussy” anytime soon? (probably my two fav Gedge songs). There’s a rather stonking cover version of Octopussy somewhere out there, on an old tribute CD, I believe… which is well worth checking out, if you ever come across it. I’ve often wondered what David thought about some of those cover versions of his songs… (especially as he seemed to be rather fond of doing the odd cover version himself… tee hee) 😉 Anyway, keep up the good work, cheers!

  2. This is officially the most genius thing I’ve ever seen with respect to TWP (excepting Mr Gedge’s lyrics of course). Please please please keep working at it, and pinning David down for contributions. It will become a most useful resource for him when his memory goes, it can’t be long now! (sorry Dave). And on a personal level this is a record of my music listening life, which continues on a daily basis. Long live TWP!

  3. Many years after stumbling across TWP (mix-up at the record store) I have just stumbled across this website – and what a beautiful thing it is!

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